You’re a Match

She’s the girl to write home about
And she knows who you are
You’re shy and you’re intimidated
‘cause everyone’s around her at the bar
And in your dreams you approach her
You’re not scared one bit
You find out she loves baking
And in the evening she likes to knit

Her favorite band is TMBG
Her favorite dessert is Apple Pie
She doesn’t like it when you sit there
And you tell her a straight up lie
She doesn’t want you to solve her problems
She just wants you to be her rock
When she’s feeling down she’ll want you
To take her for a peaceful walk

So take that chance
Make your way
Through that crowd
And it’ll be OK
Just be yourself
You’re her catch
You’ll soon see
You’re a match

You caught her eye when you walked in
She has looked over at you a lot
She’s hoping you have enough courage
To come on over and give it a shot
She’s just as nervous as you are
She’s tired of all those nasty jerks
She longs for something that’s real
Wants to be in a relationship that works

So take that chance
Make your way
Through the crowd
And save the day
She can’t wait
You’re her catch
You’re meant to be
You’re a match


You’ve got this my friend
You’ll see, she really wants you
So do whatever you can
To make it all come true
Just relax and have some fun
You’ll see, it’s meant to be
Last week she wanted to know
If you were single and free

Solo, then back to Second Chorus.


Song Notes:
TMBG: They Might Be Giants.  I would say this is my version of "She Loves You."


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