Don’t You Dare Break Her Heart

I’ve known her since we were ten years old
and I’ll say she’s always been smart
But she’s always had bad luck with men
so don’t you dare break her heart

Don’t you dare break her heart
Don’t you dare break it in two
Don’t even think about hurting her
Or I might just have to hurt you

She has a pattern of attractin’ the bad boys
with only one thing they want to do
And she falls for them hook, line, and sinker
then each one of them runs and they’re through
It turns out each boy’s just not into her
His intention is to make sure they part
So all I ask of you tonight at this bar
is don’t you dare break her heart

It’s not that I think you would do it
It’s not that I think you don’t care
Just be careful with her, she’s been through Hell
If you aren’t sincere, please go elsewhere

She’s coming back and I’ll end it with this
Think of her as a cute lil’ shopping cart
Fill her up with experiences & your love
but don’t you dare break her heart
Don’t you dare break her heart, my friend
If you are planning to do that, then go
I’ll think up an excuse after you leave
I cross my soul she won’t ever know


Lyric Notes: Last night, I was on my way back to BloNo from Champaign-Urbana, IL and was listening to a Grand Ole Opry Willie Nelson CD I bought from the U of I Campus Bookstore. I thought about old Western tunes like his that also have been inspiring me to write and this is my stab at a good ol’ fashioned Western song lyric. Hope you enjoy it.

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