Adulting Blues

Inspired by Paul Thorn

My parents won’t send me money anymore
And I just got fired the other day
She’s threatened to leave me for some guy
And I’ve got too many bills to pay

Everybody I know is on my case
And this bullet’s lookin’ pretty good
I’m too big of a wuss to pull the trigger
The Devil inside’s telling me I should

I’ve got the Adulting Blues
The Adulting Blues
I’m wobblin’ in my shoes
Cause of my Adulting blues

My pit bull just bit my neighbor’s girl
Now I’m gonna have to put him to sleep
I can’t figure out what I want to sell
Cause there’s so much in this place to keep

I look around at all I’ve collected
Boy, I’ve bought a lot of crap
Instead of going outside in that Hellfire
I think I’ll take another nap

I’ve got the Adulting Blues
The Adulting Blues
I’ve got nothing else to lose
But these Adulting Blues.

Revised 2017

Lyric Notes: This was one I revisited today and revised. My brother is a huge Paul Thorn fan and whenever he’s into a Singer/Songwriter, he will play a few songs for me. So,  to be totally honest, this lyric is dedicated to not only Paul Thorn (who I wouldn’t mind collaborating with someday) but my brother Russ.  Enjoy, gentlemen!

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