The Songs We Love To Hear

They make us laugh
They make us cry
They remind us of the dreams
We had when we were high
They make us sad
They make us glad
They remind us of the love
We wish we had
They are the songs we love to hear
And they’ll never disappear
To me it’s so very clear
They’ve helped me battle my fear
Those songs we love to hear
They’re stuck inside my brain
Some express joy and others’ pain
Some are by the writers of today
And some are in the Public Domain
Songs like America the Beautiful
And God Bless the USA
Also, Alexander’s Ragtime Band
And I Wanna Hold Your Hand
What’s New Pussycat?
and Love is a Splendored Thing
I Get a Kick Out of You –
And the Angels Sing
The list goes on and on
It’s a worldwide phenomenon
Those tunes we love to croon
About the sun and the silvery moon
They are in the fabric of why we are
And of the ones we love, near and far
We love blasting them in our homes
And singing them in the shower or car
We dance to them at the local bar
They play them at the baseball game
Once we hear them
We’re never, ever the same
They are the songs we love to hear
New ones are written every year
To me, they’re all so sincere
They’ve helped me break through my fear
The songs we love to hear
The songs we love to hear.


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