Let’s Stay Inside Tonight

It’s near 20 below
freezing outside
Frankly, I don’t want
you out of my sight
So what do you say,
my sugar plum fairy?
Let’s stay inside tonight

The fire’s blazing
and here’s that Toddy
Out the back window,
we only see white
What do you say,
my sweet Swedish dumplin’?
Let’s stay inside tonight

The phone is on the fritz, my lady
But at least it’s warmer in here
I’ll be a gentleman, not shady
Tomorrow, the roads will be crystal clear

How about we eat that
Delicious apple pie
With whipped cream
by candlelight?
What do you say,
my dear babycakes?
Let’s stay inside tonight

Oh, let’s stay inside tonight.

Solo, then

Back to Bridge, then last Verse.


Inspired by “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” I totally see this as a playful little scene between a dapper man and a far too uptight dame. Kind of a throwaway lyric but it was oh so fun to write. Sure put a spring in my step when I wrote it.

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