The Girl Who Changed My Mind

I thought I’d be single
for the rest of my days
That I’d be eating solo
in depressing book-cafes
That someone wouldn’t stay
when everyone else was unkind
But at last I found her
The girl who changed my mind

I thought I’d spend my evenings
playing my guitar alone
I thought I’d only be with
my shiny candy bar phone
I’d be old & in my easy chair
cause she would be too hard to find
But then she at last found me
The girl who changed my mind

We had too good of a time
to walk away from a great life
The one we would eventually have
as husband and wife
So we got married one summer
and the kids are growing fast
And it’s better than expected
It’s been a total blast

So as you sit there in your car
and you wonder what will be
Just remember the story
of that elusive girl and me
Wait for that special one
Your hearts will feel aligned
Everything will be all right
With that girl who’ll change your mind

Everything will be all right
With that girl who’ll change your mind.


I’ve been driving a lot of college students around town – sometimes guys, sometimes girls, and I overhear a lot of stuff – sometimes they even talk to me about their relationship stuff. There is that struggle… Is the right one coming, and what’s gonna happen next with this person? There were questions in my younger years too. What was I doing wrong? What was I not doing right? Was it really just them instead of me? But what I realized in life was that it really was like that love that David Wilcox talked about in his song “Right On Time,” love does reveal itself to you right on time, you just will know it deep inside yourself and they’ll know it too.

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