Why Are You So Upset?

The house is as clean as it could ever be
Everything has been put in its place
But the one thing that’s missing here
Is the sweet smile that was on your face

We’ve emerged from those bad times
I’ve changed my selfish rambling ways
So what seems to be the problem, my love
Babe, why aren’t these much better days?

Why are you so upset?
Don’t you have what you need?
We have plenty of food in the fridge
And so many books you can read
Our children are happy out back
You’re crying on our kitchen floor
Why isn’t what we have enough
Why do you need so much more?

Your eyes are dim
but they once were so bright
Our soft sunny day has turned
into a dark, stormy night

Something about all of this
just doesn’t sit right
I’m so confused about
what’s happening with you, my love

Why are you so upset?
Don’t we have what you need?
I don’t know how to make you happy
I’m not sure how we should proceed
No matter what I do or say
No matter where we stay or go
I love you and always will
I just wanted you to know


OK, so this one I thought of this scene, you know. The one where everything is going great, but the woman you love is crying on the kitchen floor. It could be that she had been drinking and she just is depressed. It could be that you can’t see what’s going on until it’s way too late.

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