The Crystal Lake Blues

(Inspired by the Friday the 13th Movie and Series)

I’ve never been a camp counselor before
so I thought I’d give it my best shot
I heard it’s pretty nice up in these woods
and girls I’d work with would be hot
So I signed up and soon enough
they hired me right on the spot
We drove up together before camp began
We shoulda given the whole thing some thought

Cause we found out when we got here about Jason
He drowned and now he’s killing everyone in sight
And it doesn’t matter what time it is, he will strike
Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night

We’ve got the Crystal Lake Blues
We’ve got the Crystal Lake Blues
We’ll be all over the news
We shoulda brought more booze
to drown these Crystal Lake Blues

Barry got knifed in the stomach
Marcie got axed in the face
Ned, Jack & Claudette’s blood
is all over this totally creepy place

Bill’s throat got slit with a hunting knife
and arrows pinned him to the door
But the craziest part about this whole thing
is it wasn’t Jason’s head found on the floor

We’ve got the Crystal Lake Blues
There’s nothing we can do
Jason’s blown a major fuse
and our lives we’ll have to lose
We should have gone on a cruise
So we wouldn’t have these Crystal Lake Blues

These Crystal Lake Blues
These Crystal Lake Blues
We’re all totally screwed
Jason’s not a nice dude
We’re not even safe on canoes
We haven’t been able to snooze
Cause we’re haunted by
These Crystal Lake Blues


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