Not Quite Done

As I look back on my life
I see what only I can see
Not what everyone else
wanted me to be

I see struggles
I see some pain
But I got through it
again, again, and again

I cared about everyone else
I supported them with my heart
The whole time I wondered
when was MY life going to start

And soon enough She met me
True love with a capital T
We have so many places to go
But I’m right where I want to be

I’m not stuck in some bar drinking
with people who don’t give a shit
I’m not in a directionless relationship
and feeling like I’m in a bottomless pit

I’m alive! I have purpose and meaning!
I’m grateful for how it’s been so far
I have a family of my own now
We have a house and more than one car

Our kids are growing so darn fast
They’re soaking life up every day
and when they ask me for advice
they listen to what I say

I’m not sure where I’ll be in 30 years
but if I’m lucky, I’ll be right there
77 years old with the love of my life
enjoying a peach or a pear

And we’re talking about what a ride it’s been
even though we’ve hit a few snags along the way
We got to see our girls grow up, maybe get married
and perhaps we’ve watched our grandchildren play

So here’s to the journey so far
Here’s to that long, long run
Here’s to the dreams we’re living
Here’s to our lives not quite done.


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