Back Burner Girl

I know about you and who you are
My other friend told me last night
And now it all is very clear to me
Why he and his girlfriend always fight

He’s not looking to stay with her
Cause he’s obsessed with you instead
You’re the one he’s texting constantly
You’re why his wife is lonely in bed

Back Burner Girl
Why not be with a different guy
Why be part of that elaborate
Cruel and messed up lie
Don’t you see what you are doing
You’re partnering in his crime
Back Burner Girl
He does this all the time

The last woman was a co-worker
She thought he was the one
He got her a place on the west side
What a wicked web they spun

But at the very last minute
He decided that it was all wrong
He cut her out of his life like cancer
He stopped singing that song

Back Burner Girl
You’re doing something you will regret
He’ll cheat with you, and then one day
He’ll pretend you never met
Don’t you see he’s not worth fighting for
Can’t you tell or don’t you care
Back Burner Girl
You’re just having an affair

Back Burner Girl
You’re just having an affair.


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