Partly Cloudy Skies

For Dad

Remembering you
Remembering us
Thinking of the love we shared
and all the ways you showed you cared

Remembering when
Remembering then
The partly cloudy skies affect my mind
I was meant to be the one you left behind

And this torch I hold up high
Knows the where
The how
The why
You taught me enough to live my life
To be a good man to my daughters and wife
Because of you
I feel so loved and a little wise
under these
partly cloudy skies

Under these
partly cloudy skies.


A few years ago, Phil Harrington and I wrote a song called Overcast. As I was getting ready this morning, I heard the term ‘partly cloudy skies’ as the forecast for today by HOI Weather, and this is what popped out of me because of that prompt.

Writing is like that. You never know what will inspire you to write that little song lyric. This is, what I would call, a stepsibling to Overcast. Same premise as Overcast but much more personal and revealing.

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