Who He Has

Who he has is a girl I’ve known since grade school
We met each other when we were about eight
I asked her one night when we were out playing
If I could kiss her but she said: “We should wait.”

Who he has is someone very special to me
I remember just about everything she likes to do
And stuff nobody else will ever know about her
Stuff I’m sure he really wishes that he knew

She loves walks on the beach at Midnight
She loves sweet southern tea on a hot day
She loves just kickin’ back on the front porch
And a special place to her is Morro Bay
She loves her Venti Mocha in the cool mornings
Her taste in music ranges from Country to Jazz
The girl who I took to our first high school dance
That’s who he has

She broke it off with me last Summer
She said it just wasn’t working with me
I already knew all of her little secrets
but I wasn’t the man she wanted to be

I looked into her brown eyes that evening
And let her say what she needed to say
I didn’t challenge her, I stayed silent
Now I regret watching her walk away

But I still remember
She loved our walks on the beach at Midnight
She loved sweet southern tea on those hot days
She loved kickin’ back on the front porch swing
We often vacationed together in Morro Bay
I’d get her Venti Mochas in the cool mornings
She could play everything from Country to Jazz
The girl I wish I fought for a second chance-
That’s who he has

That’s who he has.


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