Who Will She Be Today?

When I come home from school
and I walk through the door
I wonder if she’ll be nice to me
or if she’ll scream at me some more
Will the house be spotless
or will it be a complete mess?
Will she still be in her nightshirt
or will she be wearing her favorite dress?

Who will she be today?
What will she be like?
Will she tell me to do my homework
or say I should go ride my bike?
I don’t know why she is this way
and I’m not sure what to do
but think about who she will be today
Will she be extremely happy or blue?

Many of the kids make fun of her
My brothers are almost always gone
and Dad is constantly working
at the office or on the lawn
I don’t know who to talk to
I’m not sure they hear what I say
They’d probably do something drastic
like pack her bags and take her away

There’s not much I can do about it
Worrying doesn’t get me anywhere
And if I have to make dinner again
I’ll pretend that I don’t care
that I’m behind in my studies
I’m exhausted by the end of the night
But it’s hard for me to get some sleep
When my parents stay up and fight

So who will she be today?
Will she be there when I get inside?
Will she give me a warm hug and a kiss
or will I need to find somewhere to hide?
Maybe I should go to my best friend’s house
It’s so much more peaceful there
so who she will be today
is someone who’s out of my hair.


Lyric Notes: Kind of dramatic, I really tend to get drawn to those dark subjects, this one is about a child’s Mother. Totally not my life, but I definitely dove into this one and stuck with it until the very end.

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