In That Cowboy’s Arms

There they are out on the dance floor
Two steppin’ like it’s going out of style
How I miss the way she used to kiss
We haven’t done that in quite a while

I see her with her new boyfriend
The way he’s holding her so tight
And I know how damn lucky he is
He gets to take her home tonight

In that cowboy’s arms
Is a girl I can’t forget
She’s moved on I know
But I can’t let go
I’m filled with so much regret
I should have treated her better-
Not like an unwanted pet
She’s in that cowboy’s arms
And she’s fallin’ for him I bet

There’s a spark between those two
She’s happier than she was with me
But I still hope that he’s a dope
And she gives him the third degree

By the way they both look right now
They have what we never had
Now I’m learning the hard way
What it’s like to feel worse than bad

Cause in that cowboy’s arms
Is the sweetest girl in town
They’re both wearing their best
I’m in a biker vest
Fake laughing like a clown
Why did I even come here
It hurts my heart so much
She’s in that cowboy’s arms
And I’m yearning for her touch

She’s in that cowboy’s arms
And I’m yearning for her touch.


Lyric Notes: Inspired by a book title I saw in Walmart.

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