Midwestern Mama

She leaves the house daily at five thirty
to get to the office by six o’ clock
Her truck’s got a Redneck Barbie sticker on it
She loves listenin’ to Country and Hard Rock
She’s gettin’ her degree in Ag Business
She works part time out at the family farm
But she’s happiest when she’s with her son
He is her pride and good luck charm

Midwestern Mama
Hell bent on livin’ right
Midwestern Mama
No man at home holdin’ her tight
Midwestern Mama
Raisin’ her kid all on her own
Midwestern Mama
Her ex-boyfriend left her all alone

She dreams of taking over the family business
She’s worked towards it all over her life
Maybe one day this farmer’s daughter
will end up being somebody’s wife
But when it comes to movin’ or stayin’
Stayin’ close to home is what she wants
She’s worked harder than most of her friends
As she’s also tendin’ bar in restaurants

Midwestern Mama
So focused on supportin’ her child
Midwestern Mama
Every now and then she gets a little wild
Midwestern Mama
She’s doin’ the best she can
Midwestern Mama
The last thing she needs is a lazy man

She doesn’t need to depend on anyone else
She’s already been through that before
The night she stopped carin’ about being a bride
was when her true love walked out that door

Midwestern Mama
In her chocolate boots and comfy jeans
Midwestern Mama
Hooked on Country Music Magazines
Midwestern Mama
loves her family, her hometown, and her son
Midwestern Mama
Deep inside she still is missing someone

Deep inside she still is missing someone.


Lyric Notes: My crazy imagination goes wild when I meet someone who I learn a bit about. While some of this is kind of poetic license, most could be true. It’s based off a girl I gave an Uber ride to and it just so happened that she worked for my old employer. We had fun that ride and talked about random stuff. She’ll figure out this was inspired by her.

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