Bad Things Come To Those Who Hate

There was a boy I knew in grade school
His golden wavy hair went to his neck
He wore Hang Ten t-shirts and liked Metal
and his home life was a wreck

His parents both worked full time
in dead end jobs they didn’t like
They drank and smoked and fought a lot
So that boy would go ride his bike

And he became a troublemaker
Started breakin’ all the laws
He fell into a rowdy group of friends
Debauchery was their cause

They all came from broken homes
One day they sealed their fate
Good things come to those who love
and bad things come to those who hate

They got caught stealing at the 7-11
All they wanted was candy and gum
Some days before, they were generous
and decided to give me some

Their parents were called to the station
And all of the bikes got impounded
They were transferred to Juvenile Hall
but at their homes they weren’t grounded

From an early age each one of those boys
learned to protect themselves and trust no one
None of the lessons they should have learned
were taken seriously and they all went on the run

They stuck together like a pack of battered wolves
and they came up with an imperfect getaway plan
They had enough of all the neglect and abuse
They decided to stick it right back to the Man

They stole a small school bus from a parking lot
and the whole County was put on high alert
The news said this gang of misfits were dangerous
but that bus ended upside down in the dirt

By the time the cops found that tragic accident
They knew they got there way too late
Blood & carnage was everywhere
Bad things come to those who hate

Bad things come to those who hate.


Song Notes: This one seems like an old style Folk Tragic Ballad that has a moral to the story. If you hate, and fall in line with other haters, be prepared for the consequences of your actions, kids.

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