My Useless Talent

I used to play High School tennis
Gramps thought I’d eventually go pro
But I didn’t win much after College
Something else was burnin’ my soul

I had a useless talent
Wrote some lyrics here and there
I’d write lines whenever inspired
But I wasn’t sure if anyone cared

It got me through the rough patches
Man I’ve been through a lot
I’ve wrecked many automobiles
I’ve survived a fire that was hot

Ex-girlfriends thought I wasn’t good
And I hid all this anger inside
So I self-medicated by reading
I held on to my selfish pride

I wrote about my coworkers
I wrote about people I admired
I wrote anywhere and constantly
Even when I was hungry & tired

I wrote with some friends of mine
Songs to fill up our extra time
Some of them were not that great
Some of them didn’t even rhyme

The one thing I’ve learned
Is when I write them right
My useless talent
Helps me sleep at night

I know deep in my soul
I’m doing what I need to do
For this useless talent
Has guided me to the truth
I trust this useless talent of mine
May it one day be useful to you.

May it one day be useful to you.


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