Things We Did Last Winter

Skiing in Bear Valley
When the powder was eight feet high
Falling in love with each other
Without asking ourselves why

Tennis out at Seascape
Whenever the courts were dry
Those things we did last winter
Make me think about us and I cry

Cozy beneath our blankets
The fireplace would crackle and pop
Massaging your body with hot oil
You telling me please don’t stop

Taking drives to Pismo
And staying in our favorite hotel
Those things we did last winter
I remember all of it so well

Then on that Fourth of July
When all the crowds came to town
You told me you were moving on
And you didn’t want to be held down

Now, it’s late Fall and you’re on my mind
I wish somehow our lives could rewind
You’ve left me here in Cali so far behind
And I can’t bear to meet anyone new
Those things we did last winter-
I can’t forget them,
and I’m deeply missing you

Pumpkin, I’m deeply missing you.


Lyrics Notes: I thought of the song “Things We Did Last Summer” and figured out a way to change it that I thought made sense. Winters are always so much cozier with the ones we love.

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