Life’s Too Short To Feel Like Crap

You say your girlfriend left you
Now you’re sad and all alone
You’ve lost your job the other day
and they’ve shut off your phone

You’ve defaulted on your mortgage
and you’ve got nowhere to live
But look at it this way, my friend
You’ve got so much to give

Life’s too short to feel like crap
Someone’s got it worse than you
When the world’s got you down
Just cowboy up and start anew
You never know when your time’s up
You never know when you’ll die
Life’s too short to feel like crap
Even when there’s mud in your eye

So have another Whiskey and Sour
Have another Captain Morgan and Coke
Have another cigarette if you need one
Would you like to hear a joke?

Get out on that dance floor
That Farmer’s Daughter’s callin’ your name
Cut loose tonight and you’ll figure out
There’s no use in feelin’ shame

Life’s too short to feel like crap
We’re not getting out of here alive
It’s time you’ve changed your mind
Buddy, you can and will survive
You’ve just hit a bump in the road
You’ll be fine, just wait and see
Life’s too short to feel like crap
It’s so much better feelin’ worry-free

Yeah, life’s too short to feel like crap
It’s so much better feelin’ worry-free.


Lyric Notes: So I get inspired by a lot of different things. I’ll pick up a pen or plug it into my phone for later. I was watching an interview with Tony Robbins one day and he said, “Life’s too short to feel like crap!” I just felt so connected with that phrase that I wrote it down. Today, I thought about it again, and I decided to write that song. Thanks Tony Robbins! You’ve inspired me to write something for everyone!

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