The One Who Got Away From You

There’s somebody who’s on your mind tonight
I feel it as you’re loosely holding my hand
I see it as you look up to the moon, so bright
and as we’re watching an Americana band

Somebody I’ve never met before from your past
Someone way deep in your memory
Now I’m wonderin’ if the two of us can last
’cause you’re thinkin’ of what used to be

And I don’t know what I could ever say
or if there’s something I can do
To get you dreamin’ of
What I thought was our love
instead of the one who got away from you
He’s haunting what you and I have here
It seems we’ve hit a snafu
Oh I see it so clearly
You miss him so dearly
The one who got away from you

And it’s fine if what I’m thinkin’ is right
Don’t worry about it babe, leave me with no regret
I’m not into making a scene by startin’ a fight
about someone you loved and won’t forget

But if I’m wrong and he’s never on your mind
And you’re still longin’ to stay with me
I promise I’ll leave these thoughts behind
I’ll stay with you, my sweet chickadee

I’m not sure if I’ve said what I could say
or if there’s somethin’ else I need to do
To get you passionate about
What I can’t love without
Or be another one who got away from you

I don’t want to be the one who got away from you.


Lyric Notes: Titles usually inspire me right away for the angle of the song.  For me they usually need to be something that’s not “taken.” This was something Sammy Cahn used to say, it’s just a little weird to use the same title someone else has used for a song. This makes it more fun, because then you know that it’s unique and it’s different from what’s out there. This one came to me and I thought, “Wow, this could be too close to “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry. But I know it’s not, it’s a totally different frame. This one is about being in a relationship and seeing the signs of someone not being into it 100% and assuming it’s a previous person. Then he’s revealing that not only that he can’t live without her after saying, “don’t worry about me,” he’s essentially implying he doesn’t want to end up to be that person who got away from her that she could regret later.

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