Sally’s Tale

Sally just got back from New Horizons
a few short Spring weeks ago
Her parents enrolled her there
They felt she needed to eat some crow

She used to take her Dad’s Ferrari out
with her friends on weekly joy rides
She took them once to Maverick’s
where they checked out the high tides

And they hung out with some locals
They partied until they couldn’t stand
Then they crashed out in two hotel rooms
Charged on her dad’s card a couple grand

Cause her friends did some major damage
They threw both tv’s off the balconies
Another time they went on a random flight
and they ended up in the Florida Keys

When they got there they went shopping
for tiny bikinis, flip-flops & straw hats
And a group of some horny old men
told the girls they were diplomats

She and her friends were so wild and crazy
The men called for help from the police
and one of the girls recognized an officer
It turned out she was his niece

When word got back to all their parents
They got grounded, they couldn’t go anywhere
Sally was told to pack her bags for New Horizons
yet she didn’t think that was unfair

She was tired of the wild party scene
She was ready to face the facts
That if she didn’t make some changes soon
She’d wind up dead on the wrong side of the tracks

Now, Sally is holding down a part-time job
as a barista at an independent coffee shop
And she’s interested in this guy who comes in
She doesn’t know he’s an undercover cop

Her parents, they’re so proud of her these days
In their eyes, she’s changed her life for the best
But what they don’t know, including Sally,
is she’ll soon be placed under arrest


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