That Freezing Rain Guy

I’m that guy you passed on
at the end of the night
when the rest of them decided
to leave you behind
I’m that guy who knows you better
than anyone else alive
I’ve been there at your lowest
and when you’ve been high

I’m that guy who was there
when they broke up with you
That one who’s been devoted
Who’s always followed through
I’m that guy you have coffee with
Your wingman at the bars
We’ve gone shopping for everything
from vintage clothing to cars

And all these years together
All these memories we’ve made
Don’t they mean more to you
than going out and getting laid
Don’t you see it’s in the cards
Don’t you see what we could be
I’m that guy but you’re too busy
seeing right through me

I’m that guy who knows it’s not him
because you tell me all the time
The first you call in the morning
You send me all kinds of signs
I see you going in circles
I know your heart aches
I know the kind of guy you like
He gives more than he takes

And all these years together
Don’t you see what it could mean
You seek what you already have
And this is that revealing scene
I’m telling you what I deeply feel
Struggling with every word I say
as I make an ass of myself
in this freezing rain

Freezing Rain Guy
Freezing Rain Guy
Freezing Rain Guy
I’m that Freezing Rain Guy.

2010, Revised 2017

Lyric Notes: So, I wrote this back in 2010 as I’m The Guy, but I checked for comparing song titles as I always do and there were several by that title. I had to get creative to make it different and sure enough, Freezing Rain Guy seems appropriate. So I added the tag at the end and it seems to have a kind of impact that it didn’t before.

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