The Two of You

Three of us were neighbors then
the two of you were & are so tight
Deanne, you’ve been a rock, so strong
Tracy, you’ve been cool as an Autumn night
Both of you had trails of your own
Boy, how different they were
Deanne, you went off to college
Tracy, you didn’t want to follow her

I watched the two of you grow up
Saw you change throughout the years
From most recent, Deanne’s wedding
To way back, when you both led cheers
These memories I speak of
They remain with me because they’re true
I can’t think of a friendship between women
more special than the two of you

I gave the two of you my artwork
from when I took art lessons in Junior High
Deanne, you have the “Island Sunset”
Tracy, you have the “Butterfly”
I don’t think you know how I decided
to give them to you instead of my family
There were too many reasons, it’s too complicated
To explain, I’d have to write volumes of poetry

And so we’re no longer neighbors
We live in separate towns
I think about the two of you often
Still smell your scents and hear the sounds
of your voices as I’m driving
as I have tons of time to kill
To think about my history and yours
Those times with you mean something still

Watching the two of you mature
is one thing I treasure with my heart
Because it fed me with good feelings
I need them now we’re so far apart
You both have my artwork
and I have pages and pages in my mind
concerning the two of you
and how you treated me-
Thank you both for being so kind
Thank you both for not leaving me behind.


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