She Loves Truckin’

She answered a Drivers Wanted ad
They said she’d be haulin’ a big rig
She’d see all parts of the country
And it would be a cushy gig

So she signed up to get her CDL
And her Hazmat credentials too
She hasn’t told her parents yet
And it’s time I think they knew

She loves truckin’
Truckin’ across the USA
When she’s not truckin’
She’s havin’ a really bad day
She loves truckin’
She’s excited about honkin’ that horn
She loves truckin’
You’d think she’s been truckin’ since the day she was born

She asked me if I’d like to ride along
For me to see what truckin’ was like
So we went on a big truckin’ adventure
In our down time, we’d eat or take a hike
But the best thing about truckin’
Was after our loads were done
I told her our truckin’ was out of this world
Our truckin’ convinced me she was the one

And we love truckin’
We love truckin’ day and night
We love truckin’
Truckin’s fun under the moonlight
We love truckin’
Truckin’ is such a blast
We love truckin’
Man, we’re truckin’ so damn mothertruckin’ fast

We get the loads to the destinations early
The customers are happy with how we truck
We never had to tell any of those factories
We were late and they were out of luck
We’ve never been pulled over by any Smokeys
Our truckin’ is fantastic and we love our checks
There’s nothin’ like being married truckers
Since we’ve been truckin’ we’ve had amazing sex

She loves truckin’
And I love truckin’ too
We love truckin’
There’s nothin’ else we’d rather do
We truck when we’re sleepy
We truck when we’re awake
Truckin’ really pleasing for both of us
The excitement’s never ever, ever fake

No, the excitement’s never ever, ever fake.


Lyric Notes: This was so truckin’ fun to write.

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