Baby Let’s Horse Around

It’s been a crazy week at work for us
And I’m itchin’ to get out on the town
Our bosses at work have been on our backs
and all that stress has got us down
It’s time to get into our Friday best
Time to get someone to watch our hound
Let’s you and me get into some trouble, girl
Baby let’s horse around

Let’s horse around
Baby, let’s horse around
Get these torn up jeans on honey
I found them rumpled on the ground
You can wear my favorite band t-shirt
as long as we’re bar bound
Let’s go goof off with all our friends
Baby let’s horse around

Let’s grab an Uber to your buddy’s house
where we can pregame by eatin’ some snacks
we could even play some cornhole games
and crank up some country tunes to the max
Then head on down to our favorite honkytonk
Get all hopped up on tequila and lime
And I’ll try my best on that stubborn bull
It’ll be a buckin’ good time

I’ve got some quarters for the jukebox
They’ve been in that mason jar for a year
Let’s go bring 90’s line dancin’ back
If you don’t want hard booze we’ll guzzle beer

Let’s horse around
Baby let’s horse around
You could get yourself dolled up tonight
It’s time we get unwound
You can wear your new cowboy boots
and I can wear mine too
Let’s horse around baby
I love horsin’ around with you

I love horsin’ around with you.


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