She Wanted That Cowboy

She was in town for her best friend’s wedding
Flew in on a red eye flight from LA
Sat next to a mysterious man wearing a Stetson
He didn’t look up or have much to say

She found him to be sweet and charming
He had a barbed wire tattoo on his wrist
She wondered how many hearts he had broken
and how many lips he’s softly kissed

And she wanted that cowboy
she wanted to be his bride
But she didn’t have the courage
to express what she felt inside
Yeah, she wanted that cowboy
but she couldn’t say it then
And as they waited for their luggage
She felt her heart breaking again

Then someone showed to pick her up
and it turned out she was there for him too
A fascinating twist of fate for them
She assumed she was just passing through

They were partnered by their best friends
as Maid of Honor and Best Man
It seemed as if the couple may have known
of a chance of romance so they hatched a plan

They hoped she’d want that cowboy
She’d want him to be the one
and he’d be attracted to her
They knew he’d not just cut and run
She’d want that cowboy
and they’d all live in the same neighborhood
But he had a great life at the family ranch
So they weren’t sure if they would

Then after the ceremony was over
and him hearing her moving speech
All that cowboy wanted to do at that moment
was propose to her on some California beach

So at some point of that special occasion
He took her for a short stroll on a lark
and he told her what she hoped he’d hear
He also felt they had that special spark

She said yes to that cowboy
Took a leap she didn’t think she’d take
They knew deep inside their hearts
It wasn’t some pipe dream and mistake
Instead of getting hitched in some church
they said their vows out near the lake
She got that Stetson wearin’
kinda shy about sharin’
sweet & charming cowboy named Jake

Now they have two German Shepards
they lovingly named Shake and Bake.


Lyric Notes: This is one of those songs born from an idea from a title as it usually happens for me. The title “She Wanted That Cowboy,” was a gift. I just did the rest. Kind of a fun story, these little plot lines are surprising me… Hope you enjoy it when it’s all completed.

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