All The World’s a Cliche’

Shakespeare said the world is a stage
Daniel Webster said there’s always room at the top
Rowe’s Rule says there’s a light at the end of the tunnel
My wife says she’s born to shop

The early bird catches the worm
He who laughs last laughs best
We are what we are, and that’s what we are
Even when we fall from the nest

All the world’s a cliché
Life, it is what we make
It can’t be all beer and skittles
It’s not meant to be a piece of cake
No man is an island
And remember to mean what you say
Some think this world is but a dream
I’ve concluded it’s a fun cliché

In unity there is strength
And it’s better to be happy than wise
Some say it’s all smoke and mirrors
And others feel it’s a big surprise

You never know where it will lead you
When you let nature take its’ course
So never say never and forget
About looking in the mouth of a gift horse

All the world’s a cliché
No one’s above the law
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
When you’re drowning, grab a straw
Finder’s keepers, loser’s weepers
We learn best as we play
The world may be earth and water
But in my mind, it’s a fun cliché

All the world’s one big fat cliché.


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