Summer’s Such a Bummer Without You

We go to the beach and hang out there until two
Then have fruity drinks on the boat til we need food
My friends have noticed something different about me
They have said they haven’t enjoyed my bad mood

They ask me what’s wrong there, good buddy
And I tell ‘em about everything we’ve been through
I’ve been deeply thinkin’ and my brain’s muddy
Summer’s such a bummer without you

Summer’s such a bummer without you
I hate how I’m feelin’ and I don’t know what I’ll do
I tried soakin’ up my sorrows by being with someone new
But Summer’s such a bummer without you

You and Summer were besties many moons ago
The three of us would just hang out on the deck & drink
Until you caught us in bed & called her a skanky ho
And you threw everything at her but the kitchen sink

Now she’s not any fun at all without you around
In fact she’s been hittin’ on the whole Boat Crew
She’s sloppy sober or drunk, she almost drowned
Summer’s such a bummer without you

Summer’s such a bummer without you
I wish that I could just move there with you in Oahu
I tried living with this girl who’s gone crazy, it’s true
Summer’s such a bummer without you

Oh, Summer’s such a bummer without you.


Lyric Notes: I’ve really loved this Jimmy Buffett phase I’m going through. It probably won’t go away, either. Living in the Santa Cruz area for the first chapter of my life, I was always fond of the ocean, the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor, the Boardwalk and the steaming sand on a warm day. While I live in the Midwest now, I think all this nostalgia for that area took me to writing a very basic song about a very basic person who enjoyed having two best friends to hang out with and then one of them moved on… So that’s why one of the girls is such a bummer without the other one. Very fun exercise.

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