Mansion on the Mountain

They built it with the finest materials
The water from the creek went in the fountain
There were all kinds of opulent and special things in
my Grandparents’ mansion on the mountain

They had cobalt blue bottles and plates from all over
The coffee they drank was of the finest blend
They had a clock that was crafted in Germany
They sure knew how to spend

The meals prepared were of the highest quality
The furniture was comfortable and a sight to see
They had pictures they took on the trips they went on
In the summer, they’d take us to the lake to water ski

They had the most amazing garden filled with flowers
They always had the best & unique stories from their past
Their friends were true and just as fortunate as them
Whenever we were with them, we had a blast

They were wealthy in a different way than you may think-
I’ve said the last few descriptions with a smile and a wink

It was a cabin built with scrap wood and plumbing
The septic tank was an old beat up station wagon
They lived month to month and hardly had any savings
Their dog reeked and had the breath of a dragon

Gram made afghans and gave them to us as gifts
Grandpa’s den was actually a storage and tool shed
They always made sure they had clothes on their backs,
the bills were paid and they were well fed

They may have not made a fortune with their quartz mine
but I thought they were millionaires back then.
They didn’t think they were living poorly at all-
To them, it was their mansion on the mountain

October, 2005

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