These Bonus Years

As I walk along this trail of pebbles
I think of the many days I’ve seen
There have been good ones and bad ones
And the ones that fall somewhere in-between

And I look at these gravestones
I see the average age of the deceased
This reminds me I’m living longer than they did
Then all the grumpiness I have is released

These bonus years
That’s what I call them
They are the gift
That keeps giving to me
These bonus years
Make me feel so grateful
And I realize things now
Are easier than they used to be

I don’t know how long I have left
I know that time is determined by what I do
So instead of being so depressed about my life
I’m thinking the best decision is to come home to you

These bonus years
That’s what they are
They are my friends
Who never let me down
These bonus years
Are so uplifting
This life is better than
Being buried underground

This life is better than
Being buried underground


Lyric Note: Dedicated to my Grandfather, Frank W. Gray. Written at the Coffeehouse in Normal, IL.

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