Farm Town Boy

He doesn’t work out in the cornfields
His Mama and Daddy outright own
He drives a sedan, not a pickup truck
Doesn’t have to worry about bein’ alone

All them pretty girls really like his smile
He’s full time at his Uncle’s Hardware store
Whenever he sings a new song he wrote
All his friends wanna hear some more

That farm town boy’s got quite a voice
And he sure can play that acoustic guitar
He’s a poet in a denim shirt and cutoffs
His teachers know he’ll be a Country star
For now, he just does his homework
And he writes about what brings him joy
He’ll travel the world with his talent
But inside he’ll always be a farm town boy

He was never very good at playin’ baseball
But he likes hangin’ round with those guys
And his favorite drink is a large Dr. Pepper
He eats a lot of chicken strips with salty fries

His favorite thing to do on a Friday Night
is going to the movies with his girlfriend
He gets all the popcorn and candy she wants
As he’s got a lot of extra money to spend

That farm town boy’s got quite a life
He’s happier than a pig in slop
He’s getting good grades, is a good kid
He sometimes sings in the coffee shop
He’s gonna make it one day in the industry
For now, he’s stuck in Podunk, Illinois
He’ll one day move on to Belmont in Nashville
But inside he’ll always be a farm town boy

Inside he’ll always be a farm town boy.


Lyric Notes:  I hadn’t heard the word “podunk” until I moved out to the Midwest. Had to use it in something and why not put it right next to the state I learned it in!  I liked the idea of creating a character who was growing up in a small town but has aspirations of heading down to Nashville to make it big and will. Small note here, I did get interested in Belmont University in Nashville, TN but decided against it because it was too far from home back then.

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