Skin In Your Game

Look at him over there in those high priced sneakers
Hangin’ out with them old bikers and tweakers
You might be lookin’ for love but he’s lookin’ for more
Just warnin’ ya now before he takes you out on that floor

And brings you real close
puts his hands on your ass
You’ll be thinkin’ inside
maybe this could last
He’ll do whatever he can
to get inside your pants
and he’ll forget your name
All he wants is his skin in your game
His skin in your game

And look at that one over there holding a Bud Light
He’s at this honky-tonk every Saturday night
Wearin’ his flannel & jeans and that Cinch hat
He’s lookin’ at you and wants to be up to bat

And he’ll pull you in close
’cause you’ve had a few drinks
He’s gonna get some action
or at least that’s what he thinks
He’ll say whatever turns you on
is fine with him too
Tomorrow he’ll shift the blame
For you wanted his skin in your game
His skin in your game

But you don’t have to take him home
to make you feel needed by a man
You can just hang out with me tonight
I’m not just a flash in the pan

The bartender’s been flirtin’ with you all night
He’s callin’ ya baby and it doesn’t seem right
Could be flowin’ you extra so he’ll go home with you
And I know you know what he wants to do

Rip those clothes right off of ya
And take you for what you’ve got
He just knows you from what he sees
Which I know it’s what you’re not
All night he’s been groomin’ you
Yeah you’re under his seductive spell
To him, you’re just another dame
All because you needed his skin in your game
His skin in your game
His skin in your game
His skin in your game.


Lyric Notes:  A girl brings her Wing Man into the bar and this is what happens.

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