The Long, Long Crusade

It began when I was just a little child
I’d curse at the teachers and go a little wild
I’d hide from my brothers who fought all the time
Sometimes I’d come up with a simple rhyme

I’d ride my cobalt blue bike around our ‘hood
I’d fall in line as my Grandma thought I should
But I found myself in more trouble and I’d cry
I’ve sifted through all my thoughts and I saw why

It was all part of my long, long crusade
To get to the center of the plans that were laid
Without a map or a dial to help me find my way
Without a friend who’d listen to what I’d say
As I stumbled through boyhood then later as a teen
I tried so hard and I worked to keep it clean
But the jester in me chose to be profane
I preferred to go out gallivanting in the rain
It was all part of who I grew up to be
My long, long crusade got the best of me

I got what I wanted and it was the right way
Like a sea otter who would rather swim and play
My wife, bless her heart, she does the best she can
as I now strive to be a happy and honorable man

I’ve explored the crooked hallways of my mind
Those bad feelings I’ve hidden for no one else to find
I see that now, as I’ve just hit my journey’s second half
I’m sometimes able to get my wife and girls to laugh

And I don’t know if they all will ever understand
I’m not some child who’s stuck in Neverland
I’m just a man who’s working hard on his trade
I’m just a man who’s on his long, long crusade

I’m just a man on his long, long crusade.


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