Chest Thumpin’ Patriot

I love my country
I love my church
And I’m on a mission
I’m on a search

For people like me
All over this land
Who’ll risk it all
To take a stand

Are you a Chest Thumpin’ Patriot
Or just a quiet citizen
Are you engaged and do you participate
Or do you only do it now and then?
Do you support the Armed Services
Of the Red, White, and Blue?
Are you a Chest Thumpin’ Patriot
Then I wanna hang out with you

I love my Mama
And I love my family
They’re my foundation
They mean so much to me

I love where I grew up;
Santa Cruz n’ Watsonville
I was taught that honor
Isn’t a game of skill

Friday Night Football
Little League at the Park
‘n keepin’ the peace
When it’s after dark

Flags waving proudly
Supporting our troops
Who fight our battles
Who go through hoops

They’re Chest Thumpin’ Patriots
Who serve so we can be
Good Americans
Happy and Truly Free
From California
To the Florida Keys
They’re filled with Faith
Hope and charity
Chest Thumpin’ Patriots
And proud to be

I’m a Chest Thumpin’ Patriot
And proud to be.


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