Good Luck, Godspeed, Goodbye

The wedding dress her Mama and she picked out
was hanging on her childhood bedroom door
It was the big day she’d been planning
She didn’t have to wait for it anymore
She looked out the wet window and asked herself
“Rain’s supposed to be a good sign, right?”
She then walked down the stairs & to the kitchen
That morning she had a bit of an appetite

Poured her favorite cereal in an old china bowl
her parents inherited from Grams who wasn’t there
The coffee was already made and waiting in the pot
She poured a cup, then she sat down on a chair
And she started thinking about different things
like mem’ries she hadn’t thought about in years
That dance when she broke up with her boyfriend
and she wiped away her slowly moving tears

Because she then thought of that tragic accident
The one her ex got into that same April night
She thought about what could have happened
if they never got into that awful fight
Then she started looking through the paper
A small headline caught her eye
There was a picture of a young man
and she felt like she was gonna die

It looked like that ex-boyfriend from school
“That’s impossible,” she said
And all these thoughts started racing
deep inside her mixed up head
She didn’t know what to think or do
except it was time to go upstairs
The wedding was coming pretty quickly
She didn’t need to be thinking of old affairs

Then the doorbell rang and she walked over
Looked in the peephole and it was that teen
Threw open the door, hugged him tightly as she could
It surprised him she wasn’t acting angry or mean
He was still in his suit from that old High School night
Which confused her so, but he knew exactly why
He returned to wish her well with these final words
“Good luck, Godspeed, Goodbye.”

He disappeared forever after he said to her warmly,
“Good luck, Godspeed, Goodbye.”


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