The Road To You

I met many girls when I was young
There are so many songs I have sung
So many things I said weren’t true
All along the road to you

Spent time in the Sierras with family
One Summer it was just Grandma & me
So much heartache, I’ve been through
All along the road to you

And I wasn’t sure we’d find each other
I didn’t know it would take that long
I didn’t think that I had it in my soul
to be persistent, faithful ‘n strong
And here you are on this perfect night
Your lovin’ smile is so beautiful & bright
Feels so good with you on cruise control
You’re the reason why I sit n write a song

We’re enjoying our meals n sippin’ that wine
This ain’t no lie, everything is fine
The journey here wasn’t that ideal
But nothing ever is to something real

And if I end up alone on a country lane
running for my life from a Cat 5 hurricane
I won’t have to pray about what I have to do
I’ll feel blessed that I’m on the road to you

I’ll be at peace
’cause I’ll be on that road to you.


Lyric Notes: The Cat 5 Hurricane line was inspired by the current issues going on in Florida. I wish everyone well down there and hope you are with your loved ones.

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