Goomba Town

Men’s men all around
The sweetest women can be found
It’s like livin’ on Italian ground
There, in Goomba Town

It’s the place to be
if you’re from beloved Sicily
They’ll treat you like family
There, in Goomba Town

They’re far from bein’ gangsters
you see in those movies and on TV
But the actors who are in them
have likely lived in that city

It’s a place you’ll love so much
Your heart, it will gently touch
You’ll feel more up than down
There, in Goomba Town

The pasta is delicious
You better eat if they offer to you
Or them Paisanos’ll get suspicious
and beat you ’til you’re blue

They all have good hygiene
They love Frank, Louis, Tony & Dean
They keep everything tidy & clean
There, in Goomba Town
There, in Goomba Town
There, in Goomba Town.


Lyric Notes: So, I’ve been kickin’ around this idea of a musical called Goomba Town. It would be about a town within a bigger metropolitan area – kind of like a Chicago, you know. An Italian-American town with Goombas and Italian women. I was inspired by Steven Schirripa‘s series of books on Goombas. They are great and they really break down the difference between a Goomba and a Gangster. Hilarious! Anyway, this is definitely one of those things where I would love to flesh this idea more, and this by far is a draft of just one of the songs I would include in the story. It would help to work with him on it specifically because it was inspired by his books. Here’s looking at you, Steven!

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