Moreland Notre Dame

The Class of 1983 (Me, lower left between Suzanne & Lori)

I dreamed of fortune and fame
I had no sense of shame
I worked hard on my game
At Moreland Notre Dame

There was much I overcame
Cruel jokes about my name
My heart was set aflame
At Moreland Notre Dame

I still remember it all
Like it was yesterday
The incense, The cafeteria
What we kids would play
The ice cream treats were amazing
The clothes we wore were the same
I learned so many important lessons
At Moreland Notre Dame

Like I’ll never be that great at basketball
But I sure could make my friends laugh hard
My classmates were my brothers and sisters
We had so much fun in that schoolyard
My teachers were all so good to me
The class clown, the geeky pre-teen
I admit while defending myself
I had been quite mean
To some of the prettiest girls I had ever seen

I still remember those years
Like they were yesterday
The Music Room, St. Patrick’s Church
Are where we would sing and pray
The hamburgers were incredible
Each class picture is in a frame
I don’t think I’ll ever forget her
Dear Moreland Notre Dame

I don’t think I’ll ever forget her
Dear Moreland Notre Dame.


This one took forever to write, but I think it captures my love of my experience at “good ol’ ND. This one is especially for my classmates – Class of 1983.

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