High School Her

She looks so different now
then she did way back then
We were passionate Seniors
and very good friends
Her parents and my parents
got along so well
They figured we’d fall in love
but we never fell

Because the High School Her
was hot for a college guy
He was older
He was wiser
He was the apple of her eye
He was stable
He was athletic
He was everything I couldn’t be
The way we weren’t was the way we were
but how I pined for the High School Her

She went off to college
I worked in the card store
My parents opened for years
in our hometown by the shore

We got together less & less
’cause she loved him so
I had a very hard time doing it
but I had to let her go

For the High School Her
graduated out of my life
She deeply knew
what she had to do
to become his loving wife
She’d be supportive
She’d give completely
Her heart and soul to that man
But he fell for another in Big Sur
Inside she died, the High School Her

She returned home the next summer
Stopped by the store to say hi to me
She was hoping I could come over
to have dinner with her family
And I said sure, I would love that
I went and it was great
I thought to myself back then
Maybe there was such a thing as fate

Then we started seeing each other
We did the long distance thing
Then after she graduated
I proposed with a diamond ring
And she said yes
She then confessed
The High School Her liked me back
She second-guessed it all
as she kissed him in the haystack
I said it was fine, I was still sure
I was not in love with the High School Her
The woman she became is who I prefer

The woman she became is who I prefer.


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