Looks Like You Don’t Love Me Anymore

I call you up on your Samsung Note
That never leaves your side
And instead of clicking answer
You decide to hide
Behind a message back to me
Saying you’re too busy to talk
You suggest I rent a movie
Or go out for a walk

I send you flowers every week
But I’ve seen them in your trash
You say if I give you anything
You would prefer a little cash
Even though you have tons of shoes
You say you could use a ton more
When I come over to surprise you
You don’t answer your door

And it looks like you don’t love me anymore

The only time you call me
Is when you need a ride
But you don’t say where we’re going
And you don’t let me come inside
I think a lot of guys are texting you
But I have no substantial proof
When I ask you what you’ve been doing
You’re nonchalant and aloof

I thought we were getting serious
I thought I’d marry you one day
But whenever I bring this up to you
You have nothing to say

It really looks like
You don’t love me
Anymore… nooooooo
It looks like
You don’t love me

Don’t expect me to call you
Don’t ever think it’s me outside
Don’t ask me for any more money
I’ll find myself a bride
One who’ll want to spend her time with me
And not just spend it all on their phone
One who won’t ever make me feel
Like I’ll always be alone

So it feels like this is it
I’m done and so are you
We’ve had a good time together
But it’s over, we are through
Now, can I have all my hoodies back
And that gaming laptop too?
No they weren’t gifts & you can’t keep them
Give them back or I’ll sue

Let’s not turn this into
Some long and dragged out war
Just because it’s true
You don’t love me anymore
You can’t deny it now
You don’t love me anymore.


Lyric Notes: One of my Lyric Writing Heroes “Weird Al” Yankovic wrote a song called “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” and I about flipped. I wrote this lyric out of the blue and there it was, a different version of the same idea. It really upset me and I hope he likes this one too.  “Sometimes it happens,” as Tom Petty once said.

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