What Time Can’t Erase (The Promise)

We were holding on to
that promise we made
When we were in
the Seventh Grade
We had been walking along
Singing a sweet song
Thinking our friendship wouldn’t fade

But as we grew older
Our lives turned upside down
Someone out of the blue
Gave you a crown
And he took you far
You became a star
I figured we weren’t meant to be

And as the years flew by
I never forgot the where and why
Then I saw you in the news
and I started to cry
What happened to the girl I knew?
What happened, my dear, to you?

Then I looked at myself very hard
I was no longer the boy from the Yard
And I realized what wasn’t true
So I sent you a Christmas Card
You decided to write me back
And here we are still on track
I never thought I’d hear you say
“I’ll be with you one day.”

Now we’re living in a cul-de-sac
And we still go hiking
where we made that promise
Not too far away from our place
Our children are growing
And we’re knowing
This is what space and
time cannot erase

We have what space
and time cannot erase.


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