Lovable Goofball

Lovable goofball
in a roomful of snobs
She’s been to Burning Man
She’s had all kinds of jobs

She once was a waitress
at a place in Champaign
Lovable goofball
Born to entertain

She loves big cities
She loves her hometown
She loves her sisters
She doesn’t slow down

She’s a real hard worker
Her grades were A’s & B’s
Lovable goofball
Her life’s been a breeze

She writes funny jokes now
She’s a hit on Snapchat
When she told her parents
They asked, “What’s that?”

Lovable goofball
Blessed with a funny bone
She won’t have to worry
about bein’ alone

She loves big cities
And they all love her
Lovable goofball
For pain, she’s the cure
For pain, she’s the cure.


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