The Thing That Feels Right

On that rocky road to romance,
it seems like that High School dance
The one on Homecoming night
When you’re looking around
and you just haven’t found
The thing that feels right

You think it might be there
You’re dressed up & have done your hair
and your smile is pearly white
You’ve heard of what it’s like
and wonder if it will strike
The thing that feels right

So you dance with the ones who’ll dance with you
and you hope that sparks will fly
You’ve seen all your friends find that one
They’re so in love with their girl or guy
And it seems like it’s taking too long
The clock’s ticking and the event will be done
But you don’t want to seem too desperate
Your heart’s wish is for a game-winning home run

Then out of the blue, there’s a chance
Someone special’s decided to advance
and you’re swept away by the love bug’s bite
The kisses are so sweet
Your heart skips more than a beat
You now know only wonder & delight
It may be a crazy fling
or end up to be lust in hindsight
But there’s no reason to feel uptight
When you’re embracing the thing that feels right.


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