Back When We Began

I remember when she wrote me
and I remember when we met
It was at the golf course in Nipomo
How could I ever forget

I was late and she was early
It was an all-day affair
We went dutch treat at dinner
Mystery was in the air

We had an inkling of an idea
We just didn’t know the plan
Back in our courting days
Back when we began

If asked, she’d tell you different
She saw our future in her heart
For me it took much longer
to trust we would never part

I wondered if I deserved her
and how I’d afford a ring
But love takes care of itself
as it takes care of everything

Now we’re much older
We’ve been married for years
We’ve had our disagreements
and we’ve shed some tears

Now I think of how we’ll finish
with our own little clan
that started with her vision
back when we began.


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