Philophobia Blues

You and I have known each other now
For at least a couple of amazing years
We’ve gone out on many date nights
On my shoulder, you’ve cried many tears
We’ve had fights for it seems like nothing
Multiple times, you’ve walked out on me
Up til now you’ve been fascinating
You keep coming back after being free

You might have that thing about love
Where you’re too scared to totally fall
Looks like something from your past
Helped you build an impenetratable wall
I’ve looked it up, my darling dearest
Out of frustration, upset and concern
And found out there’s a phrase for it
And It’s high time for you to learn

It’s a fear of letting yourself be cared about
Sincerely by someone special to you
The fear it could all come crashing down
You’re too scared to consider it’s true
I know how that feels, We’ve all been there once
Feeling what’s real you’re gonna lose
So you struggle with ongoing disappointment
It’s called the Philophobia Blues

You told me about this one romance you were in
When you thought you were totally done
You stopped looking and dating other people
You said you thought you finally found the one
Then he told you he couldn’t handle it
You said he wanted time and some space
Then you snapped at him and told him to get out
You never again wanted to see his face

Well I may not have his features or personality
I’ve noticed on a lot we don’t agree
What’s so different about what we have
Is the person who’s not giving up on us is me
So here’s the idea I have for us both to do together
It’s time we get ourselves into couples therapy
Before one of us gets too heartbroken
instead of working it out, just demands to be free

I fear you’re not letting yourself be cared about
Sincerely by me, who’s not going anywhere
You fear that it could all come crashing down
But I know if you let me in, I’ll stay there
I know how that feels, We’ve all been there once
Honey, I was once in your shoes
With treatment I know you’ll be by my side
Without those Philophobia Blues

With treatment I know I’ll stay by your side
When you’ve said so long & goodbye
to those Philophobia Blues.

Say so long & goodbye
To those Philophobia Blues.


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