The Death of Me and You

I don’t want to get out of bed
All this sadness is in my head
I’m dehydrated and underfed
I’m mourning the death of me & you

The night I found you in the tub
After coming home from the pub
You sweetly asked for a backrub
I should have said, “Honey, I’d love to.”

There were things I should have done
To make your life easier, my dear
I deeply regret I got upset
When you wouldn’t fetch me a beer
I was too needy, I know that now
I should have honored my marriage vow
I realize I’ve been heartless ‘n lowbrow
‘cause you’re gone ‘n not coming back

I should have never blown my stack
Or all our savings at the racetrack
And crashed our brand-new Cadillac
‘cause I was too drunk to drive

The doctor said I’m lucky to be alive
but I don’t feel that way tonight
‘cause I keep thinkin’ of all the stinkin’
B.S. I put you through
I’m so sorry, my dear –
You did what you had to do
I’ll always and forever be
mourning the death of me & you.


Lyric Notes: Usually, what I will do is go through a list of songs I need to write. This is not one of them. It’s total satire, but you know, it kinda makes sense. Listening to both John Prine & Jimmy Buffett, not to mention going through another “Weird Al” Yankovic and Tom Lehrer phase, I feel like I should be letting loose a bit more. This is my attempt at doing so.  Enjoy!

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