Welcome to Being Married to Me

We’re standing on this altar
in front of our parents and God
My family’s here
they like good beer
as they’re fishing with a rod
I’m not that poetic-
My future is a mystery
Welcome to being married to me

I don’t have a fancy job
My GMC is in the shop
Have no fear
I’ve packed our gear
We’re gonna island hop
We set sail tomorrow
First stop- Waikiki
Welcome to being married to me

Your friends are acting funny
Your Momma wants me dead
Your sister says she likes me
but it hasn’t gone to my head
It’s a crazy day for a wedding
but you didn’t want to elope
Your Dad just whispered in my ear,
“Son, piss up a rope.”

So we’re standing on this altar
I’m happier than a dog in heat
It’s crystal clear
Our end isn’t near
And we’re in for a treat
Our new home awaits us-
The temperamental sea
Welcome to being married to me.


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