Who That Woman Is To Me

She got a job waitressin’ back in the 11th grade
Bought a cherry 55 Ford with the money she made
Her Mama worked as a stylist at the local salon
Her Daddy’d get up to go to the farm before dawn
She swore one day she’d move far away
Once she graduated she sure as hell tried
But as soon as she loaded up her truck
Her Mama had a heart attack and died

At the reception, she met a guy and he said
he moved to town to give her Daddy a hand
She began writin’ songs on her guitar
Built a strong followin’ with her Western band
The record companies all liked what they heard
Said she’d be cherished like a blue mockingbird
So she signed on with an unheard of 6 record deal
They felt she had a certain special southern appeal

Her Daddy was so damn proud of her
Every holiday she sent him a greeting card
She bought him a big ol’ sturdy RAM pickup
She never complained about how life was hard
She was happier in that place outside of town
She bought a ranch with a big magnolia tree
She found her voice writing all those songs
She became who that woman is to me
She became who that woman is to me

She swore the day she moved far away from home
To record all her tunes out in Tennessee
She’d keep in touch with all them and she said
She’d come back to help out all the family
But when she moved on, she was gone for good
So gone they didn’t hear from that girl for years
Her Dad heard her one night on the Grand Ol’ Opry
and he couldn’t fight back those salty tears

And he’s so damn proud of that grown-up girl
Every holiday she sends home a check
She paid for a remodel of his modest house
Now out back there’s a beautiful redwood deck
And she’s happier out at her ranch in Oklahoma
Sometimes, she’ll sit ‘n write under that tree
She worked so hard to create a whole new life
as she became who that woman is to me

Oh how I love the woman she is
to Country Music and me.


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