John Denver Song

If Sunshine on your Shoulders makes you happy
and hey, it’s great for you to be Back Home Again
You Guess You’d Rather be in Colorado
’cause you just can’t miss a Starwood in Aspen
You’ve been Looking for Space with Your Sweet Lady
and it seems like you’ve gone Around and Around
All of your Memories are of The Country Girl in Paris
The Seasons of the Heart have got you down

Hey There Mr. Lonely Heart, I know what’s going on
And by the way, This Old Guitar belongs to you
You’ve just been living a John Denver song
and Love is the Master of Everything you do

So if you’re gonna be Leaving on a Jet Plane soon
Don’t think twice, I won’t ask for your Autograph
Keep living On The Wings of a Dream my friend
I hope Forest Lawn keeps making you smile and laugh
Singing Skies and Dancing Waters, you will see soon
Rhymes and Reasons are What’s on Your Mind
Go on – head To The Wild Country for a Rocky Mountain High
Poems, Prayers and Promises, you’ll leave behind

Hey There Mr. Lonely Heart, It Makes Me Giggle, too
That Downhill Stuff was so fun, so Let Us Begin
to realize living a John Denver song ain’t so bad
‘Cause his way of life was playing from win

Living a John Denver song, like “Turned out fine,”
said his good friend Werner, is playing from win.


Lyrics Notes: John Denver was always playing in our house, in the car, in the seminars we all took in our family, whether it was in est or Summit Workshops. This is why, I think, I was meant to write this. Tonight, I have to say this is a breakthrough for me. I’ve done different things like this, but this is the first time I’ve attempted to do anything with my experience of John Denver, though only through his music, to really get a hold of it and then mix it in a way to communicate such joy, a fragile and talented man’s work and how it affected me and still affects me to this day. It just had to be written tonight.

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