Smart Guy

He was born into a family of wealth and power
but even when life was sweet, it was sour
There were many things he couldn’t understand
So he found solace with a pencil in his hand

He could figure out why x + y = z
To him, nothing mathematical was a mystery
He used equations to figure out his life
They even helped him find his long-lost wife

One summer, a long, long time ago
He knew more than he ever thought he’d know
While others went outside to laugh and play
He stayed inside and worked night to day

He slept with a notebook by his side
I’m not sure if he ever even cried
‘Cause the anger and the hurt was the shield
and he worked through many problems in that field

They say he was quite a smart guy
but as soon as there is a truth, there’s a lie
He was smart, I will definitely give you that
but why did he let them beat him with the bat?

Why couldn’t he see what they would do-
Those peers of his, the ones I thought he knew?
The gang of four I figured out would do him harm
one spring morning as I worked on my farm.

2006, Revised 2017

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